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The Story Behind The Dreamer

Jared R. Green, also known as Jared The Dreamer, is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Community Leader. Jared was born in New Orleans and raised in the Lower Ninth Ward. Since the age of 5 he has always been involved in making an impact within his community.


At 24 years old Jared no longer wanted to be on this earth anymore. Feeling undesirable, and  unsuccessful at accomplishing what he knew were great things he had not been in position to produce. After battling homelessness, being robbed and knocked unconscious, and losing every job he loved due a criminal arrest in a crime he did not commit; Jared was ready to go home. That’s when a voice came a spoke to him, and told him “There’s A Creature in your belly. It would be a shame if you finished, before you every had a chance to get started. The best is yet to come.” That same voice gifted Jared the word to the children’s book that would soon turn his entire life around. “There’s A Creature In My Belly!” 


At only 29-years-old, Jared has already accomplished much success. Most recently in February 2023 Jared The Dreamer was invited to attend a reception at Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence and selected to participate in a round table discussion inside of the White House as one of many an emerging black leaders across the country. In 2021/2022 The Dreamer raised $27,000 to gift 13,000 families a copy of his new children’s book “Madam Mayor”. Jared has received 2 proclamations in both 2018 and 2021 from the City Council, has been recognized by various organizations, donated well over 2,000 copies of his first book “There’s A Creature In My Belly!” to underserved youth, met President Barack Obama, and has had his story sent out to the 2 MILLION person outreach of the Obama Foundation. 


Jared is also the Founder of his non-profit “Sunny With A Chance of Love” which aims to create change for the betterment of New Orleans by investing in the economically disadvantaged. They use love both as the foundation and as the catalyst that advances our initiatives and programs. They believe that love is the fuel that drives us all, and eventually creates long-lasting change. They strive to instill positive thinking, as well as socio-cultural responsibility into the minds of the youth, therefore reducing the impact of homelessness, poverty, crime, illiteracy and neglect.  They provide resources through partnerships with other community-based organizations to ensure that everyone has access to programs.  As a result of these supportive networks, They create innovative changes both socially, and economically.  With the alignment of their program as an addition to other community-based organizations, the forecast is  Sunny with a 100% chance of LOVE. 

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