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Jayce is a lovable ball of joy with an imagination that can take him anywhere. In his mind, he can be anything he wants to be. He feels, and hears things that he soon finds out is something him toward his light within. Jayce loves stars, and he is full of questions. This story will make adults and children excited about reading together. This book teaches sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, godchildren, cousins and grandchildren that everything they need is already inside of them. The creature in their belly always reminds them they are destined for something greater. This incredible book details a father explaining the "creature" inside of his son may feel scary, but can actually be harnessed to reach his greatest aspirations. The father does not silence his child's imagination; instead, he affirms his feelings and strengthens his resolve! The GREATNESS within you is as limitless as the UNIVERSE around you!


There's a Creature in My Belly!

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